City AlumNet 2021 readership questionnaire

Welcome to the readership questionnaire for City AlumNet 2021 ! We would love to hear your valuable opinion for enriching the magazine so as to serve the best interests of you. The first 60 readers completing this questionnaire will receive a specially designed wireless mouse.

Questions marked with a * are required
1. Where did you learn about City AlumNet ?
2. Please rate the quality of City AlumNet on the following:
Layout and design
Ease of reading
3. What are your favourite sections in City AlumNet ? (check all that apply)
4. Are there any topics or theme that you would like to see in upcoming issue of City AlumNet
5. Please indicate your agreement with the following statements: 
No comment
City AlumNet strengthens my affiliation with the University.
It enhances my understanding of University development and achievement.
It enhances my sense of pride as member of CityU community.
It enhances my interest in joining alumni/university activities.
It encourages me to volunteer my time and make a gift to support the University development.
6. Have you taken one of these actions during or after reading City AlumNet ? " (check all that apply)
7. How would you rate City AlumNet 2021 overall ?
8. Other comments or suggestions about City AlumNet 2021 :
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