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Anonymous reporting on sexual harassment

Under the Sex Discrimination Ordinance (SDO), sexual harassment in the education and employment fields is unlawful. City University of Hong Kong adopts a zero-tolerance policy towards all forms of sexual harassment. In an effort to avoid any misunderstandings and foster open communication in the workplace and on campus, staff members or students are recommended, but are not required, to communicate their discomfort to those whom they feel are engaging in inappropriate conduct. If unsuccessful, the University encourages victims or witnesses of sexual harassment to lodge a complaint or at least report the case anonymously.

Lodging a complaint: CityU staff and students may lodge a complaint with the Committee Against Sexual Harassment (CASH) if they think that they have been sexually harassed or if they have witnessed any act of sexual harassment covered by the relevant policy. For more details, please
-call our hotline at 3442 9000 or
-email us at cash@cityu.edu.hk.
Alternatively, a complainant can also choose to report the case to statutory bodies such as the Equal Opportunities Commission or the police.

Anonymous reporting: The University understands that not everyone may want to lodge a complaint that requires disclosing their identity and respects the decision of individuals concerned. At the same time, information collected from anonymous reporting can help the University to better monitor the situation and provide appropriate support to the University community. The University hence provides the form below for members in the community who would like to report sexual harassment cases anonymously. Anonymous reporting by a CityU member via this page does not require the submission of personal information to the University and hence the information submitter cannot be contacted for a follow-up and no investigation can be taken. The submitted information, however, will be taken seriously by the University for an understanding of the prevalence of sexual harassment incidents to make informed decisions on measures to be adopted to maintain a harmonious working and learning environment.

Friendly reminder: Though choosing not to report the case to the University, you may still like to consider seeking counselling help available for students and staff.

If you have any comment(s) on this anonymous reporting form, please send e-mail to cash@cityu.edu.hk.
Anonymous Reporting Form
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